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Summer Programme 2021

I’m honoured to be invited to mentor for this years WriteMentor Summer Programme.

This is my first year offering to mentor a fellow writer and I couldn't be more excited to share my journey and help another find their way too!

Who Am I?

I'm Louise, a neurodivergent author, living in Switzerland

(originally from the UK).

I write non-fiction for both picture books and middle grade.

My debut book, Just Like Me, comes out March 11th, featuring

40 neurologically and physically diverse people from around

the world. My debut non-fiction picture book is currently on

final edits with an amazing publisher (can't say much more

at the moment as it has not been announced yet!).

I am signed with the wonderful Chloe Seager from the

Madeleine Milburn literary agency.

I love a bit of humour, I also think it is important to also take on slightly more serious subjects too! But if it's weird and wonderful, I am totally there!

My favourite non-fiction author is, of course, Terry Deary, the author of Horrible Histories. 

What Am I Looking For?

I would love to find and mentor a fellow non-fiction author, either for picture books or middle grade.

Tackling difficult subjects? - Yes please!

Own Voice, authentic representations? - Yes please!

Weird and wonderful? - Yes please!

Is your work own voices, and/or to highlight neurodiversity or disabilities? - Then, I am SUPER interested in working with you!

What Am I Not Looking For?

If you are wanting to write a non-fiction book that focusses on a marginalised group that you have no lived experience with, I'm possibly not the best fit for you as I would rather try and lift/promote Own Voices when/where possible. 

How Will I Work With You?

Non-fiction is all about getting the right pitch, query and having an impactful proposal.

It's quite a different process to that of a fiction writer and I have learnt a great deal about it over the past two years. Experience through working with my agent, to working with two amazing publishers who both have their own unique styles, voice and brand. One focussing on Picture Books and the other, Middle Grade.

I'm approachable and happy to mentor you in a way that you feel most comfortable with; video, phone, email, etc. If you have any accessibility needs, I would be more than happy to try and accomodate these. 

I am a huge cheerleader. I will work hard and have your back throughout this program, and hopefully beyond. Working closely and building a good relationship and rapport with my mentee is extremely important to me.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, or want to follow me on social media, you are welcome to give me a shout on Twitter : @Onceuponalouise

For more details about how to apply, please take a look at WriteMentor for more information

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