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About Me


Hey everyone!

So firstly, thank you for coming to my page and well, wanting to know a little more about me.

I'm Louise and the author of Just Like Me; 40 neurologically and physically diverse people who broke stereotypes.

A lot of you may already know that I have ADHD. I like to talk about my ADHD because I find that the more I talk about it the more people learn about it and it's nice for people, just like me, to meet another person with it too.

Before I was writing books or a published author, I was (and still am) a Book Fairy!

A wonderful, International community of book lovers who hide books for people to find in public places. It's ever so fun and probably the reason my love of books went through the roof and I decided to pick up a pen and start writing myself.

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 19.40.30.png

Some of my
book fairy adventures....


I live with my family in a small village in country called Switzerland. Everyone speaks German in my part of Switzerland but Switzerland has FOUR official languages; German, French, Italian and Romansh.

We have a pet hamster called Coraline, and a lovely, dopey dog called Mina.


Coraline likes
sleeping in
my dungarees!!!


We adopted Mina from an animal shelter when she was
11 months old.

When I tell people I live in Switzerland they automatically think of CHEESE.

And yes, there is a lot of cheese here, but there is also (more importantly in my opinion)  chocolate! (See the photo of my hands covered in chocolate below!)

People also think of SNOW when they think of Switzerland, which again, yes, we do have some of that in winter but my favourite season here is Autumn because you can find the most amazing mushrooms in the forests and I love photographing them. I never pick the mushrooms because; 1. They are very pretty and I think other people may enjoy seeing them too. And 2. A LOT of mushrooms are VERY poisonous, and sometimes mushrooms that look edible may make you very very ill indeed!

Another thing Switzerland is famous for is their cows.

I guess in a land of cheese and chocolate, you need a lot of milk!


Fun fact about the cows here is that they spend their summer in the mountains, grazing on all the alpine flowers and grasses. In the Autumn they have a special parade (yes a parade) where the cows are led down from the mountains for the winter season.

The cows are usually wearing the most beautiful flower crowns.

It really is something special to watch!

Below is a picture of one of the cows in my village, sadly, not sporting a flower crown.

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