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British Children’s Author writing non-fiction and picture books for all ages

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Louise has a keen interest in sharing stories that feature characters that stand out, are different and who have something to say.

Inspired by stories from her own experiences she took up writing to  sensitive issues within children’s books such as disability, neurodiversity and mental health.

Louise a member of SCBWI, runs the Writers & Illustrators of Zurich ( 


Coming February 2023...

The Memory Book

A reassuring story about the love between a little girl and her grandma, with practical information to help young children understand dementia and the changes it can bring.

"A helpful book for families affected by dementia." - CARERS UK

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Just Like Me


The world is full of people who are a little different in

one way or another. Our uniqueness is what makes us stand out and makes us who we are. You can't judge someone on something you can see or even on the things you can not see.

We are all special. We are all unique.

We are all 'different; not less'.


A collection of true stories about inspiring people and famous figures from around the world, all with something that makes them physically or neurologically diverse. Reflective of our diverse society, this anthology features figures including Simone Biles, Stephen Hawking, Usain Bolt, Sudha Chandran, Warwick Davis and Temple Grandin.



More book news coming soon!

Watch this space!

Louise has a very busy, active, brain and has a whole load of picture book & non-fiction ideas and even a chapter book up her sleeve.

If you are looking to work with an author who wants to develop books that deal with often difficult conversations in a light, fun and engaging way then get in touch.

Topics that Louise has in interest in working on include: Neurodiversity, mental health, disability, dementia, death, bullying and being 'different'.

She also has books, 'just for fun' featuring fun, loveable and quirky characters just waiting to get out and share their stories with the world.


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